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 Strategic Partners
   • Siemens
   • National Instruments
   • Canrig / Nabors
   • Innovative Controls
   • Kemper Controls
   • Optimation
   • Twin Cities
   • CAST
   • Da-Feng
   • Beijing Jin-Ri
   • Pack Software

Strategic Partners

At CyboSoft, we believe our future is in bringing the MFA control technology to market via partners who want to differentiate themselves while offering greater value to their customers.

Our customers see a great benefit when CyboSoft teams with their preferred providers of measurement and control solutions to make our unique technology available on the platforms in which they've already invested.

CyboSoft is proud of bringing major values and benefits to our customers, partners, and industry. MFA delivers predictable economic results in terms of

  • Most efficient use of energy and materials,
  • Minimal human interaction or downtime.
  • Six sigma or zero defect quality,
  • Max production yield and minimum waste and pollution,
  • Enabling technology for high-tech processes, devices and equipment, and competitive advantages

Through partnerships, CyboSoft is in the process of embedding or integrating MFA controllers in more and more instruments, equipment, tools, software platforms, devices, and automation systems of brand-name suppliers in targeted industries, application areas, and market segments.

Value Added Resellers / Distributors

Our legacy is in the Industrial Process Control market. That's where we developed a number of MFA controllers, each of which solves a tough control problem.

In the traditional process control market, CyboSoft is delivering industry-specific MFA control solutions and products through Value Added Resellers (VARs) or distributors. Each of these partners offers sales, engineering, and integration services with a focus based on (i) industry, (ii) geographical area, and (iii) MFA products.

CyboSoft has a stringent standard when selecting our distribution partners. These companies all have a good track record in the market segment(s) that they serve. Their engineers are well trained and able to commission MFA control systems. In addition, CyboSoft works with our channel partners closely to assure the success of MFA control and achieve the best customer satisfaction.

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